Important issues to address


An important issue in two ways. First, when predictions are that jobs making less than $20/hr & will be automated within a few years, someone will be needed to lead and troubleshoot this avenue. Every problem starts from a lack of knowledge. Every solution to a problem starts with problem-solving skills, insight, and competence. Our education system must provide lifelong learning and problem-solving skills to meet these 21st Century challenges. Second, education tends to be one of the largest employers in most counties, helping sustain jobs in these communities as well as maintain community viability. When local schools close, we observe a detrimental impact on the surrounding neighborhoods.

highway 69 south: four lanes through hale county

Adding 4 lanes can lead to economic development opportunities for business, goods, and services to readily move through the community. These lanes will help restore populations in these communities as people will have an easier way for transportation from home to work. Industry can locate along this improved corridor with plenty of open land. New residences can be constructed & older homes renovations can take place to provide more opportunities for people to live in rural communities.

installation of fiber optic lines for technology availability

Technology is the future & it is here now. High-speed technology is required for manufacturing, medicine, construction, and education. The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act has provided The State of Alabama $100 million to connect Alabama to high-speed internet. I will be an advocate collaborating with other officials to make sure District 72 gets our fair share of the installation of fiber-optic lines. With the rise of work-from-home jobs to having telehealth consultation for healthcare to E-Learning options for education, fiber-optics lines are important to help us adapt to the changing climate. I want to make sure that internet services will be provided where there is no availability.

ROads and bridges improvements

I will collaborate with local communities, elected officials, and the Alabama Department of Transportation to identify all local roads and bridges that need improvement. I will make sure all school bus routes have safe roads that are accessible under any & all conditions. Bridges that are weight restricted prevent the free flow of trucks, limit growth opportunities, and hinder safety. Ambulances and fire equipment should always be able to safely get to residences.

Job creation

The protection of local jobs will be a high priority as well as finding & identifying new employment opportunities. Workforce development will be supported to help create new job opportunities. I will support the local IDA efforts to recruit and retain jobs. I will work with the State Commerce Department and other elected officials to make sure area resources are identified to help promote District 72. I will support the post-secondary systems, The University of West Alabama, and The University of Alabama to provide their resources to the community. I also want to support and conduct local job fairs.

medicaid expansion to improve rural healthcare

This has been a big debate since the Affordable Care Act was passed. I will support all efforts for the state to expand Medicare and Medicaid. This is a very vital resource for strengthening rural healthcare. It is very vital to support our rural hospitals, nursing homes, and EMT services. It will also increase job opportunities in the healthcare industry in our communities. We will support all existing health care facilities such as Whatley Health Care, Cahaba Medical Care, and Alabama Dept. of Health to provide health vaccines to the community and schools for preventive health care.

Affordable rural sewer treatment options

In parts of District 72, we have challenges that arise for safe sewer treatment due to the water table or types of soil present. Without a municipal sewer treatment facilities available, this can be a problem for some residents. Optional sewer treatments can be quite expensive, so I will support and work with the University of Alabama Engineering department and the University of West Alabama wastewater treatment program to help develop alternate treatment methods that are affordable. I want to seek funding support from the state through tax credits and grants.

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